Laravel $request->get() vs. $request->input()

Just say you have form with inputs:

    <input name="items[category][item1]">
    <input name="items[category][item2]">
    <input name="items[category][item3]">

With get:


With input:


$request->input() combines get() with data_get() helper.

More about data_get helper you can read at vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Support/helpers.php

    * Get an item from an array or object using "dot" notation.
    * @param  mixed   $target
    * @param  string|array  $key
    * @param  mixed   $default
    * @return mixed
    function data_get($target, $key, $default = null) {...}
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Laravel $request->get() vs. $request->input()